Pelco Spectra IV SE

Spectra IV Tough

There are many reasons why Spectra IV is proving to be the most reliable, most trusted camera positioning system in the world. Spectra IV systems are built upon the experience and knowledge of more than 20 years of industry-leading dome system design and manufacturing.

Because of Pelcos firm belief in integrated manufacturing, we maintain control of every design, every process, and every component that gets built into Spectra PTZ systems. Every process is analyzed and tested to assure the longest life and best performance possible. From Accelerated Life and Stress Testing, to real-world application and installation testing, nothing is left to chance. Pelco testing regime includes:

  • Water Ingress Resistance Corrosive Environment Resistance
  • Ultraviolet Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Extreme Temperature Operation
  • Voltage/Surge Tolerance
  • Motion and Vibration Resistance
  • Extensive Thermal and Heat Management Testing
  • Detailed, Component Reliability Analysis


Autofocus, High Resolution Integrated Camera/Optics Package; Multiple Back Box Models
• Day/Night, 540 TVL, 128X Wide Dynamic Range, Motion Detection, and Electronic Image Stabilization
• Window Blanking
• Camera Title Overlay, 20 User-Definable characters
• Horizontal and Zone Blanking
• On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display
• Password Protection
• Freeze Frame During Presets
• Built-in Surge and Limited Lightning Protection
• Integrated Passive UTP Circuit
• Internal Scheduling Clock

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